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Liz Lewis (Founder & Owner). From a very early age, Liz had a passion for everything horses.  Her parents recall Liz riding her pony (Trigger) down to the old “Mustang Drive-inn” and offering the other children pony rides for a nickel (unbeknownst to them at the time, as Liz was 5-years old!).   As a youth, Liz trained in the Canadian Pony Club, attaining the B2 level. She later maintained her involvement in Pony Club as an examiner, organizer and parent.  After high school, Liz moved to England where she trained and worked while obtaining her Instructor certification with the British Horse Society in 1972.  Upon returning to Canada, Liz obtained her Canadian Equine Instructors’ Certification with Equine Canada.  Over the years, Liz has maintained her certification through participation in clinics, workshops, coaching certification updates, and certification as “Level 3 Technical Delegate”.  During this time, she also participated in 3-phase Eventing, competitive trail riding, driving, side saddle (on the hunt field, and at the Royal Winter Fair), fox hunting in Canada and England, and obtained her BA at the University of Guelph, all while raising three perfect kids (her eldest son is the best, obviously).  Currently, Liz continues to be active in the horse show industry as an organizer, competitor, coach, and (National) official.  In additional to Liz’s current activities in the saddle, she is pursing her Equi-bow certification.

Jorden McLean of Darkside Dressage, is a coach in residence at Irish Creek Stables. 


Jorden has been an active equestrian for 30 years as an owner, rider, coach and trainer. She has had a successful career in various competitive rings and as an active student she has spent time in Jumper, Hunter, Equitation, Field hunting, Western gaming, Reining and of course the Dressage rings. Her focus on the optimal biomechanics of horse and rider have led her to become a certified bodyworker. Jorden's extensive experience with training, competition, various disciplines and health management provide a holistic base which informs her dressage coaching and Equi-Bow practices. Her education is further complemented by a background in Animal Science, Agriculture and Business from the University of Guelph. Jorden Specializes in Dressage as a cornerstone to riding and cross training for strength and performance.  Lessons with Jorden are insightful, challenging and just a little quirky – after all Dressage CAN be fun!! Jorden is available for private lessons and as part of the training team alongside Liz for competitive students looking for dynamic training.

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