Horse Boarding








Boarding TypeFeaturesPricing (Effective 26/09/2016)HSTTOTAL
Standard IndoorDaily Turnout in small groups of 2 - 3
Brooks Feed twice daily (Supplements not included)
Farrier handling
Large Stalls
Premium IndoorIn addition to our regular board features, also includes:

Individual Turnout
Blanket and Boots changed
1 – 45 minute lesson monthly
$585.00 $76.05$661.05
OutdoorExcellent quality hay grown on our farm
Sheltered paddocks
Heated water troughs
Minerals and salt provided
Full use of facilities
$380.00 $49.40$429.40
Boarder Lessons30 Minute Private or 1 Hour Group$30.00 $3.90$33.90
Part Boarding Of Irish Creek Horses Available on Request.1 hour ride and use of equipment and facilities on a scheduled basis.$30.00$3.90$33.90